Top 10 Birthday Places in Lahore for a Fun and Fantastic Birthday Bash | Raasty

Lahore is the most happening city of Pakistan where any special occasion or event happens all the time. As the city is popular for late-night parties and special occasions, the food and party welcome guests all day long. Since Lahore never dies out when it comes to celebrating any occasion, there are vast options to […]

Top 8 Shopping Malls in Lahore for Shopping Lovers

Lahore is one of the most popular cities in the world with its liveliness, colors, culture, and heritage. The city is also recognized for its malls and retail centers, as well as its rich culture and great food. The Lahore malls offer a great combination of shopping, food, fun, and everything you want. There are […]

Sozo Water Park

Sozo Water Park Lahore is a fantastic spot to visit in the scorching heat of summer and is one of the largest water parks in Lahore. This place has something for everybody from large slides to wave pools. Sozo Water Park is situated on Canal Bank Road in Lahore. It’s close to several of Lahore’s […]

Top 7 Art Galleries in Lahore | Raasty

Art galleries show artwork, paintings, sculptures, and many other forms of artwork by local and international artists. There are many galleries in Lahore showcasing the marvelous artwork of professionals across the world. Here is the list of the top 8 art galleries of Lahore: AlHamra Art Centre Lahore is the hub of cultural activities and […]

Shahi Hammam

The Shahi Hammam is the only monumental structure in Pakistan that reflects the history of public hot baths in Central Asia, Turkey, and Iran. The building was built to serve tourists and the people of the city as a public bathhouse. There was also a caravanserai, but it does not exist anymore. Hakim Ilm-ud-din Ansari […]

Jheel Saif ul Malook: A Lake to Explore | Raasty

The Naran Kaghan valley of Pakistan is the true beauty of nature providing heavenly views. It has many beautiful spots but Jheel Saif ul Malook is one we are going to talk about. Jheel Saif Ul Malook locates in the Mansehra district near Naran Kaghan Valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Lake Saiful Malook is one of […]

Top 12 Places to Visit in Abbottabad for a Relaxed Vacation | Raasty

Abbottabad is the beautiful city of the Hazara region of east Khyber Pakhtunkhwa located 50 km Northeast of Islamabad. The city has gifted with several lovely locations by nature. The National Highway Authority opened from Islamabad to Abbottabad in November 2019 to enjoy the beautiful places to visit in Abbottabad. The city considers the fourth […]

Takht Bahi

Takht Bahi is an archaeological site in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan of the Ancient Buddhist Monastery. The site is regarded as one of Gandhara’s most magnificent remains and has been exceptionally well maintained. There are several interpretations of the word Takht-i-Bahi. Local think its name comes from the two wells on the hill or from adjacent springs. […]

Khanpur Dam | Best Water Sports | Best Travel Guide | Raasty

Khanpur Dam is considered to be one of Pakistan’s most magnificent dams. It is located on the Haro River, which originates in Abbottabad, Pakistan. On Taxila Haripur Road, it is located in Khanpur, in KPK, some 50 km from Islamabad. Khanpur Dam Spillway is 52 meters high, and the Khanpur Dam area can hold up […]

10 Places to Visit in Shogran for a Relaxed Vacation | Raasty

Shogran is one of Pakistan’s most attractive hill stations and recognized tourist attractions in the Northern Province. Shogran is a lush green beautiful valley locates in the Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. It is 66km from Mansehra, KPK, and 6km from Naran Valley. From Islamabad, its distance is 222km and the distance from […]