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Shogran is one of Pakistan’s most attractive hill stations and recognized tourist attractions in the Northern Province. Shogran is a lush green beautiful valley locates in the Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. It is 66km from Mansehra, KPK, and 6km from Naran Valley. From Islamabad, its distance is 222km and the distance from Balakot is 34km.

The best time to visit Shogran is from June to August as the weather is bearable during these seasons. The temperature remains 20°C to a minimum of 3°C at night. The place was covered in heavy snow and only one hotel opened during winters. Hotels at affordable prices are available to stay here. Due to frequent internet and communication disruptions, Telenor and Mobilink provide mobile telephone services. The residents are friendly and quite welcoming once you enter Shogran.

Shogran marks the most beautiful hill stations where you can explore the exotic greenery in the plateau of Kaghan Valley. Shogran has an altitude of 2362 meters (7749 feet). Whether it is the heavily forested peaks or the view of the breathtaking mountains the place is indeed a fairyland. The lush green peaks, the glowing summit, and the white floating clouds on the hills present a heavenly view. To visit the lovely hill stations, you must explore the top ten places to visit in Shogran.

Most Popular Places to Visit in Shogran During Your Journey

Siri Paye

Siri Paye is one of the most visited places and marks the greatest attraction that locates 7km from Shogran. The word “Siri” means a lake and it is opposite to the Paye-meadows. Paye means “High grazing land” in the Hindko language and is a tiny beautiful lake in Shogran. Siri Paye freezes in winter which covers in a white carpet of snow making it impossible to walk.

Siri Lake is also located in the area is a small lake surrounded by mountains and lush green trees. The lake has a surface elevation of 2590m (8500feet). You can reach the lake through Kiwai by a jeep track that passes through Shogran which takes 3km from Siri Paye.

At a height of 2380 meters over the Shogran plateau, Siri Paye is a rich green meadow where you can enjoy the view away from the noisy city. Siri Paye turns into the most visited destination in springs where you can do horse riding, camping, photography and simply enjoy the exotic view of the meadows and the lake. To visit an exotic view and lake in Shogran, be sure not to miss the Siri Paye!

Malkandi Forest

Malkandi forest is suitable for adults and adventurous visitors. The dense green forest marks one of the most worth visiting sites in Shogran. Malkandi Forest locates on the east of Siri Paye and has an elevation of 2637 meters. This makes one of the most challenging spots in Shogran where you can go trekking, hiking, and overlooking the dense forests. The higher up you go the more wild animals you can see in the forest. Leopards and Black Bears can be seen easily in the forest. To go hiking is to ensure you are well prepared and beware of the wild animals. When visiting this forest, be sure you keep an eye on the changes in the weather during your hiking trip. To go hiking, you will enjoy the peacefulness of the Malkandi Forest! This marks one of the most challenging places to visit in Shogran!


Balakot is the main city in the Mansehra District that is a hub for tourists attractions. The town situates on the banks of the Kunhar River and is accessible through passing 30km from Shogran. The city fills with hamlets and has all kinds of restaurants and hotels on various budgets to enjoy the stay and relax the calming atmosphere. With the great expansion of the city, Balakot surrounds by slopes of green hills and meadows to explore the great city. To visit the bright and great city in the Northwestern Province, you will enjoy the hub of tourist destinations at Balakot!

Mini Zoo Shogran

Shogran forest is the home of rare animals in which a mini zoo is a great place to explore different animals found in this area. You can visit this place with kids and enjoy exploring the birds! While it is a tiny zoo, its facilities and a diversity of birds are quite appealing. One needs permission from the Zoo personnel to keep it as a pet or feed any zoo animal. To plan a visit for a great family hangout, be sure to explore the beautiful birds at the Mini Zoo Shogran!

Makra Choti

Makra Choti or Makra Peak is a hilltop that locates 7km from Shogran and is in the Mansehra District of the Himalayas in northern Pakistan. Makra Peak means Spider peak in Urdu as the mountain is steep and resembles a spider web.

The peak has an altitude of 3885m (12, 746 feet). The peak marks the highest hills in the region compared to other hills nearby and surrounds the dense evergreen trees for great beauty. With the fairyland picturesque of the scenic mountain, you can reach the peak and enjoy hiking, trekking and photography. The best time to visit the Makra Choti is during the summer season. In winters, the mountain is covered in snow that makes it difficult to hike due to storms and bad weather.

To plan for trekking at the highest peak, you will enjoy the picturesque view of the Makra Choti! Be sure not to miss the mountain and do not forget to take lovely pictures!

Mazar of Syed Ahmed Shaheed

Shogran is not only known for its picturesque natural beauty but has a few historical sites in which the Mazar of Syed Ahmed Shaheed is an example of a great tourists attraction. Syed Ahmed Shaheed was an Indian Islamic revivalist, scholar and political leader in the early 18th century. During that time, the Muslim community of India were losing control of the country. Especially in Punjab, where the situation was very dangerous.

He engage with a plan with Jihad to fight against Sikhs and end up martyred in a battle in Balakot in 1831. His tomb in Balakot attracts a vast number of visitors that unravels the historical background of the Islamic scholar. To visit a historical site in Balakot, be sure not to miss the carved tomb of Mazar Syed Ahmed Shaheed! You will find the unfolding stories about the beautiful Mazar!

Lughmani Hill

Lughmani Hills marks the iconic places to visit in Shogran where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the whole city of Mansehra. The hill viewpoint locates in the upper part of Mansehra in Bypass Road near Gousia Masjid. The hill offers you a spectacular view where you can see the overall view of the mountains, the whole city from the top and the lush green trees. Since the view top hill does not open all days, it is advisable to go for weekdays in the afternoon time.

Lughmani Hill is a great place where you can relax and enjoy the calming atmosphere of the surrounding mountains and trees. Once you reach the hill, you will enjoy the overall view of Mansehra city! There are nearby shops and restaurants to enjoy shopping and have a picnic on the nearest spot. To visit a beautiful hilltop, be sure not to the lovely location of Lughmani Hill!

Kunhar Valley Viewpoint

Kunhar Valley Viewpoint is another beautiful places to visit in Shogran where the valley surrounds by a river, mountains and green trees for great beauty. The valley situates 22km after Balakot when travelling from Mansehra. Near the valley comes the Kunhar River, which locates 166 km from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is the watershed basin of the Indus River.

The Valley gives you an overall look of the mountains from the main road and you can see the gleaming Kunhar River shimmering in the sun for a bright sunny walk. Kunhar River was once called Nain Sukh which some people claim after the arrival of the Swatis in Hazara. Then the name changed to Kunhar because the people of Swat were originally from Kunhar.

Kunhar Valey Viewpoint is a great place to relax and enjoy walking around the viewpoint. You can also take pictures to add a memorable moment! To visit the gleaming river and the overall look of the mountains, you must miss the exotic view of the Kunhar Valley viewpoint!

Babusar Top

Babusar Top or Babusar Pass marks a famous attraction in the Northwestern Province where you will see the steep green mountains adding a spectacular landscape. Babusar Top is a mountain pass that locates 150km north of Kaghan Valley and 70km from Naran. The mountain pass connects Takh Nala with Chilas is easy to travel by car with surrounding mountains. In addition, the pass connects Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan, which marks the most dangerous routes in the Northern Province. This dangerous route caused frequent car accidents that result in brake failure.

The mountain pass leaves a little history behind it in which the Babusar Top was once called the Babar Top. This has named after the Mughal Emperor Babar used to cross this pass in the early 16th century. Once you visit this mountain pass, you will enjoy the surrounding green mountains! To go hiking and trekking, you should visit the Babusar Top!

Lulusar Lake

Lulusar Lake is a small lake surrounded by mountains in the Kaghan Valley. The lake has an elevation of 3410m (11,190 feet) and flows through the entire length of Kaghan Valley. Lulusar Lake locates 50km from Naran and is easily accessible with any vehicle.

You can find the small lake at Lulusar-Dupistar National Park where the park opened in 2003. Once you reach this national park, you will enjoy the beauty of the surrounding red flowers near the lake! You can enjoy camping, photography, hiking and exploring various wildlife! To visit the small lake, be sure not to miss the Lulusar Lake!

Wrap Up

Shogran marks the recognized tourists’ attractions in the Northwestern Province where the city comprises picturesque mountains and scenic forests to add your next destination. These places to visit in Shogran will give you a breathtaking view where you must not miss these following spots. Once you visit Shogran, you will fall in love with the natural beauty and dense green forests that make you want to relax the breathtaking view! Be sure not to miss the scenic view of Shogran!


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