Top 10 Famous Places to Visit in Murree – Travel Guide

Murree is one of the most popular and main summer destinations. Visitors from all over the country visit this place in summers to avoid the heat, mountainous and dense green trees makes it among Murree beautiful places. There are tall pine trees and also snowfall in winters and even in the spring season. Those who cannot visit northern areas in winters turn towards Murree as roads are clear and accessible in winters too.

Just 60km north of Islamabad, Murree is the best place to get away for anybody seeking a short excursion to the mountains. It takes about 2 hours to go there from Islamabad/Rawalpindi and the road is secure and well maintained. Whether you want a weekend break to experience snow in winter or a day vacation to get away from the heat in summer, Murree is the appropriate location.

There are many places to visit in Murree; the following are the most popular places in Murree.

1 Kashmir Point

The place is popular for its peacefulness. One can take Mall Road and turn toward GPO that will take some 15 minutes and you will reach Kashmir Point. The other way can be Murree Cadet College from where one can see the mountains of Kashmir clearly. The Kashmir Point is the highest in Murree and most popular due to the same reason. This is one of the beautiful places to visit in Murree.

2 Rawat

In Murree, Rawat is another charming site; with some of the famous villages located in Rawat district especially mohra darogha, moori khambaal, sood gangal, and dhok amban. Moreover, the area of Rawat is famous for the basic health care facility in an emergency as there are several medical clinics in which many physicians are available.

3 Ayubia

The Ayubia is one of the Murreefamous places. It is the ideal picnic point in Murree since it also has a 1050 meters high Ayubia National Park. In addition, the mountain peaks of the valleys are distributed across 3,027 meters. In 1984, a total of 1,668 hectares were proclaimed to safeguard stunning trees and species from the Mountain Forest National Park. The park is developed on 3,312 hectares in the north since 1998. The height of the “National Park of Ayubia” varies in mountains from 1.050 m throughout the valley to 3.027 m. These mountains span between the ages of 40 and 170 million years.

4 Ghora Gali

Ghora Gali is another beauty of Murree. Visitors come here for the hotels and resorts. The place is most popular for its food.

5 Patriata

The main hills of Murree on the Lower Topa are roughly 15 kilometers away from the New Murree OR Patriata. This is an elegant place with large trees and lovely mountains. This is famous for its valuable ski lifts. You will also get from New Murree to Patriata Top using the cable car and world-class chair elevator system. The road is approximately 7 km long. One must get on the chair lift to see the beautiful valleys and mountains around the place. All the hills are covered with snow in winter, while the luscious greenery is visible in summer.

6 Mall Road

The best-known marketplace in Murree is Mall Road. All the different aspects of Murree are to be found here. This route is open till 3 am and people often walk to enjoy good weather and wonderful meals. There’s plenty of hotels, restaurants, art, and craft items available here.

7 Changla Gali

With several hotels and resorts, it is the most visited Murree tourist place. The magnificence of Changla Gali delivers additional hues and charms as the weather changes. In summer the whole town is chilly and in winter heavy snow. It is usually a better site for travelers to enjoy the stunning scenery and long pine trees.

8 Bhurban

For its beautiful green landscape and nice tranquil environment, Bhurban in Murree is a popular destination for visitors. Also, the treat is double if you decide to stay on PC Bhurban. Tourists would always choose the lavish facilities of the place. In addition, Bhurban, which is one of the key highways to Azad Kashmir, is 13 kilometers from Murree.

9 Nathiagali

Nathiagali is in Galiyat Murree the most important and famous. Nathiagali lies at a distance of 35 kilometers between Murree and Abbottabad. This hotel offers excellent panoramic views of the snow-covered Kashmir and Kohistan peaks and of the snow-covered Potohar peaks. . The Nathiagali provides amazing views across the mountains and unspoiled natural beauty. Located at 9,779 feet from Muskhpuri Mountain in Miranjani. The clear day presents the beautiful view of Nanga Parbat, the killer mountain all covered in snow.

10 Lower Topa and Upper Topa

At 7,000 feet near Murree, the Lower Topa and the Upper Topa are worth seeing. In addition, during the hot summer months, the higher and lower topa create a paradise for tourists. In addition, this land wore a white cover following the heavy snow in the winter.

11 Lalazar Park

Various tourists that come to Nathiagali for the summer also trek through the lovely landscapes of Lalazar, which is only 1 km from Dunga Gali. If you walk the same trail, then the second-highest peak in the vicinity is Mukhshpuri Mountain. Ayubia, Murree, and Azad Kashmir may be viewed from here. Lalazar Park has thick woods and a fascinating view. This is one of the places to visit near Murree.

12 Pindi Point

The Pindi Point is packed with younger people, a 15-minute walk from Mall Road. A 1.5km chairlift from Pindi Point to Bansara Gali is popular for visitors. In addition, the landscape of the cable car is an excellent experience. The rolling green hills look amazing from the top of the mountains.


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