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Hyderabad has known for its historical sites and has a rich culture, which situates in Sindh. Hyderabad marks the second-largest city in Sindh and is the eighth biggest city in Pakistan. It is 150 km east of Karachi.

Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro of the Kalhora Dynasty founded the city in 1768. The city served as a provincial capital when the British transferred the capital to Bombay’s presidency in 1847. Hyderabad was once called Neroon Kot. Because Hyderabad is near the Indus River, it is rich in culture, customs, and history.

The city was formerly known as “the Paris of India” for the conviction that the roads were washed with perfumed water daily. Hyderabad is currently an important economic and cultural hub and a gateway from rural to urban Sindh. Hyderabad translates as the Lion City as the city was honoured in the name of Ali to reference Ali’s battle.

To explore the beautiful sites in the city of Sindh, you will find the ten places to visit in Hyderabad where you can get to visit these lovely sites to know the unravelling story about the beautiful city in Sindh.

Top 10 Places to Visit Hyderabad that are Worth Visiting

Sindh Provincial Museum

The Sindh Provincial Museum locates in Rani Bagh Qasimabad, near Niaz Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad and founded in 1971. The Sindh Provincial Museum is presently separated into two divisions: Display Galleries and Open Air part. Indoors view of the Sindhi House with items and mannequins arranged in a serene environment showing a natural daily life.

The museum displays various past Sindhi cultures to know about the historical background of the Southern Province. The background of the display shows the historic town of Thatto. In different galleries, you will see the various period of different rulers who ruled Sindh. This includes Samma, Soomra, Kalhora and Talpur. You will also see the heritage of the Indus Valley Civilization and the lifestyle of the Sindhi people. The museum opens all days except Wednesdays. To visit a museum in Hyderabad, you must not miss the Sindh Provincial Museum!

Pucca Qilla (Water reservoir)

Pacco Qillo or Pakka Qilla, which means Strong Fort, is a fort in Hyderabad. Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro constructed the fort on the hilltop that has known for Gunjy. The fort was built in 1768 AD, which leaves an unfolding story. During the period of the Talpur Rule, Mir Fateh Ali Khan abandoned Khudabad, settled, and shifted his capital in Hyderabad in 1789. He used the fort to reside and hold the court. The fort covers an area of 38.12 acres and the walls have made with baked bricks. Pakka Qillia has one entrance gate that opens in front of Shahi Bazaar.

During the British rule, traders lived in huts and when Pakistan gained independence, a large group of people settled and the city sprang into the fort. There is a monument inside the fort, which is called the Mir Haram that was built in 1784 during the reign of Mir Fateh Ali Khan, which is a room, and a corridor decorated with the wooden grille. After the defeat in the Miani battle in 1843, the British captured the fort and demolished the buildings. By 1857, they destroyed the remaining buildings to make a room for their army.

The tower has renovated and used, as a water reservoir later after the Fort was demilitarized. This makes one of the rarest places to visit in Hyderabad where you can explore the abandoned fort. To visit the abandoned site in Sindh, you should not miss the left-out Pakka Qilla!

Tombs of Talpur Mirs

Tombs of Talpur Mirs are also named the Cubbas, which means tombs in Sindhi. The tombs locate in Hirabad. Until today, numerous tombs are nameless, uncovered, and unlabeled. The tombs belonged to the ruling of the Talpur Mirs that have reigned from 1784 to 1843. These tombs have adorned with tiles and etched with verses taken from the Quran or decorated with poetry in Persian.

With the touch of decorative art, the tiles have placed in multiple colours, which include blue floral patterns over the white background. Other colours have added including green, yellow and brown to avoid the monotonous look.

The mausoleum for female Talpurs is strictly forbidden for men to visit the female tombs. This is because the structures have covered with netted curtains on the door archways to curtain from unrelated men. To visit the preserved tombs in Sindh, be sure you visit the Tombs of Talpur Mirs!

Old Offices of Talpur Mirs

Rani Bagh

The Rani Bagh is a zoological garden in Hyderabad City, Sindh, Pakistan, originally known as Das Garden. Rani Bagh means Queen Garden and was named in the honor of Queen Victoria. The garden locates beside Sindh Museum and comprises 58 acres of land. The garden separates into four sections that are Eid Gah, a zoo, Abbasi Bhai Park and a jogging track. The park consists of various rides to take your children for a fun outing and enjoy walking and strolling down the track.

The garden has a history behind it in which the garden was used as a botanical garden. In 1861, the Agro Horticultural Society developed and subsequently transferred the animals for a greater space. In addition, Rani Bagh has 21 mammalian species, 41 species of birds, and 10 reptiles. The garden has 3177 kinds of trees holding 227 species. This marks the beautiful places to visit in Hyderabad! To explore the beautiful garden in Hyderabad, you should visit the Rani Bagh!

Kacha Qilla

The Kacha Qilla or Makki Shah Qilla is a historical site in the city of Sindh where the fort has a shrine inside to visit and is small compared to Pakka Qilla. Kacha Qilla means Weak Fort as the fort was weakly constructed. Sadly, the fort was destroyed and ended up in a weak condition. Mian Ghulam Shah Kolhoro built Kacha Qilla in 1768. The fort constructed in the mud with a mixture of unbaked clays that were used to construct Pakka Qilla.

Kacha Qilla locates on the fort’s hill to access the shrine to worship and give a spiritual feeling. Despite the weak condition of the fort, many locals visit the Makki Shah Qilla to worship the shrine. To explore the shrine and the small fort, you ought to visit the Kacha Qilla! Although the place is small but worth a visit to explore the history behind the Weak Fort.

Badshahi Bungalow

Badshahi Bungalow is a popular historical site in Hyderabad where the bungalow has a beautiful walled architecture that is worth a visit to explore the lovely bungalow. Badshahi Bungalow locates in Tando of Talpur Mirs in Latifabad Unit no. 4. The palace was constructed in 1863 AD and belonged to Prince Mir Hassan Ali Khan Talpur, the son of the last ruler Mir Naseer Khan Talpur.

The bungalow carries an unfolding story in which the palace owned by Mir Muhammad Ali Talpur of Tando Mir Noot Muhammad. By the 1970s, the bungalow nationalized and sealed by former Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Until now, the beautiful palace has neither restored nor maintained its structure and appearance. Despite the lack of maintenance, the palace leaves the magnificent building of the Mughal era where the palace covered with white marble to present the Mughal era. To visit a beautiful palace, be sure not to miss Badshahi Bungalow!

Navalrai Market Clock Tower

Navalrai Market Clock Tower or Ghanta Ghar is a standout attraction in Hyderabad that established in 1914. The Clock Tower locates at the end of Shahi Bazaar and the main entrance of Pakka Qilla. Shahi Bazar is Sindh’s common market where it sells food to plastic goods.

The tower represents the relics of Hirabad’s pre-independence fish market. The bazaar is famous for other buildings and Havelis with small balconies made of carved wood. To explore the historical site in Sindh, you should not miss Navalrai Market Clock Tower!

Hingorani Mariyoon

Hingorani Mariyoon is a rare historical site that marks the most exquisite places to visit in Hyderabad. The site locates 18 miles east of Hyderabad near Tando Fazal village. The site cannot access easily. There is a bus service from Hyderabad to Makhan Mohri, which is 12 miles in between the two routes. From Makhan Mohri, a zigzag route leads to the Hingoro Road. Hingoro Road’s present location covers an area of approximately one square mile.

Several diggings performed and the original building of the site have damaged. It has several ruined constructions and many remains of high walls scattered all over the site. This indicates several beautiful buildings presented the days of its splendour. The place has a grand mosque constructed with old bricks and plastered with lime. It has a large prayer chamber with three domes in which the interior ornaments with floral patterns. To visit the scattered historical site, you must visit the Hingorani Mariyoon!

Shrine of Hazrat Mufti Mehmood Alwari
Hyderabad has various shrines and worshipping places in which the Shrine of Hazarat Mufti Mehmood Alwari is a great place to visit. The shrine represents a close resemblance to the Taj Mahal. Hazrat Mufti Mehmood Alwari was born in 1904 in Alwar, India. His father Hazrat Shah Muhammad Ruknuddin Alwari considered a humble saint where one sight changes the inner world of a person.

Since Hazrat Mufti Mehmood Alwari was brought up in a religious family, his tomb marks the most religious place in Hyderabad where people come to worship in the name of Allah. His tomb is situated near Rajputana Hospital in Hyderabad. To visit this lovely shrine in Sindh, you should visit this beautiful shrine! For women, you must fully dress from head to toe in a strict premise.

Wrap Up

Hyderabad has known for historical sites where the city has rich culture and customs that make it worth a visit. With the unfolding stories about each place, Hyderabad never lacks the recognition of the Sindhi culture! These places to visit in Hyderabad will give you the unravelling culture and knowledge about the city in Sindh. Once you enter Hyderabad, you must explore these places for a complete vacation! Be sure not to miss these lovely sites!


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