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The restaurant business of Islamabad has rocked the local restaurant scene by spatting fascinating new diners and restaurants. The town’s expanding culinary arena is supplemented in various ways with international cuisine, several diplomats in the town, as well as inquisitive eaters. Here is the list of top restaurants in Islamabad to plan your next delicious food trip in the capital of Pakistan.

1. Monal

The bird’s eye view of the Islamabad from the mountains has no price. Islamabad spans at the foot of the green Margalla hill and the foothills of the Himalayas make the city the attractive setting.

The Monal offers an amazing view of this amazing vista. The restaurant is a bit off the road, but the journey across the exuberant mountains to there is a great experience.

The Monal provides diverse cuisines with an interesting choice of Italian, French, Asian other famous cuisines

2. Khiva Restauran

Khiva is one of the best places for central Asian cuisine in Islamabad. The restaurant offers delicious and aromatic food including khiva, kabuli pulao, dam pukht, lamb karahi, sekh Kababs, and bbQ items.

The ambience of restaurant is amazing and very courteous staff to serve you. Roof top is recommended for family dinners.

3. Des Pardes Restaurant Saidpur Village

Des Pardes Saidpur restaurant provides a unique combination of the Mughal cuisine, with fine dining services. Located at the base of the hills of Margalla, in the remote village.

The village contains footage from other cultures, including Mughal and colonial, as well as the some Greek. The view of the hills of Margalla and Daman-e Koh is beautiful. There is beautiful Gurdwara around the restaurant.

4. Sakura

Sakura is authentic Japanese restaurant that provides all the popular Japanese dishes. It is the best sushi place in Islamabad and it also gives you a lot of options in sushi.

The other popular dish of restaurant is tempura. This is a good option to numerous options in the Twin Towns and one of Marriott’s top restaurants.

Visit this classic restaurant to experience delicious meals such as grilled chicken fillet with sauce of blue cheese and Japanese-style beef steak in Islamabad.

5. Polo Lounge

The lovely ancient village of Islamabad on the outside of the city, filled with culture and historical architecture is Saidpur Village. By supporting the creation of restaurants, stores and art Galleries in Saidpur, local officials have sought to bring the region to the notice of locals and visitors.

The neighborhood has been buzzing with the launch of new restaurants in recent years and Polo Lounge is one of the best.

The Restaurant gives the magnificent view from the balcony and the kitchen also commends the exquisite services.

6. Rakaposhi Café& Patisserie

The place is in Serena hotel Islamabad. It provides the elegant setting with red dominated venue. The architecture is beautifully designed with large pillars, marble floors, spotlights and copper reflective foils. The café serves much type of snacks and beverages.

The snacks include desi to grilled chicken sandwiches, turkey, pastries and much delicious food. The bakery items are made fresh in house and serve all kind of foodies.

7. Tuscany Courtyard

Tuscany provides some delicious chicken and fish dishes. They are nicely prepared and the cooks do their best. However, the servings are enormous, and they can’t be finished alone; second, the taste is typically quite rich, making it slightly difficult to consume the entire dinner.

8. Andaaz

The restaurant is designed by highly creative and gives an outstanding first influence as soon as you enter. Service is also extremely excellent and the staff is highly attentive.

The meal they provide is good but the restaurant is very expensive. There would be enough money to spend on a couple of dishes here.

9. Siena Ristorante

Italian cuisine in Islamabad is popular and Siena Ristorante provides some of the city’s greatest Italian delicacies. This restaurant is named after a beautiful town in Tuscany and serves many of the best-known specialties of Italy.

There are numerous restaurants, all about a certain Italian city, but there is nothing to beaten by the pool inspired by Venice:

there are some miniature gondolas anchored on the water, and a small platform with romantic table floats in the center of the pool. The food and ambience is very appealing.

10. The Lime Tree

Kuch Kaas is a hub for arts and culture. The Lime Tree, a bar and a bakery selling beverages and freshly-baked sweets, is another treasure of Islamabad.

The finest thing of Lime Tree is, however, the environment, where customers are welcomed with food while appreciating the excellent craftsmanship on the walls and reading one of the coffee books from the coffee shop or to appreciate the purely designed venue full of light from the big windows.

There is also a lovely lawn with gazebos, coffees and comfortable seats.


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