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Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries filled with breathtaking landscapes, mountains, and archaeological places to visit. It is a heaven for enthusiastic tourists and a unique gateway to explore various places to enjoy in awe and excitement.

This presents a great unity of the country. With the growing business of tourism in the country, millions of tourists and travel enthusiasts enjoy the stunning sightseeing and the beautiful historical sites to leave you in wanders and amazement! These iconic attractions will not take your eyes off and these places are a must-visit!

So many beautiful sites make the greatest tourism in Pakistan to keep the places preserved and promote a sustainable environment. Mountains and rivers for the daring and adventurous, archaeological sites for history buffs, and amazing meals for foodies to enjoy the exploration of the beautiful country.

The country is blessed to have underrated and famous places where I have selected the top 10 beautiful places in Pakistan that are worth a visit.

Whether you love natural landscapes or historical sites, you will enjoy the breathtaking of different landscapes and multiple places to roam around without boredom!

Below is the list of beautiful places to visit in Pakistan where each place mentions below:

1: Swat Valley

Swat Valley locates in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a Northwestern province and marks as the popular valley for tourist places in Pakistan. Swat Valley is famous for beautiful green fields, natural wildlife, high peak mountains and beautiful lakes that will leave you in awe and eager to visit this exotic scenery.

The actual beauty of Swat Valley can be found in Kalam Valley, which serves as a great place to explore the surrounding towns and houses.

When visiting Swat Valley, you must not miss three places that are Boyun Village, Kandor and Spindhor Lakes and Ushu Forest.

Boyun Village

Boyun village is also known for the Green Top as the village is situated on a hilltop. The village is a short drive from Kalam Valley where it marks the most viewed valleys in the panoramic scenery.

Its vast beautiful village will leave you with breathtaking views below the valley and is a manageable short drive perfect for a day trip. An uphill walk to Boyun from Kalam makes it a hassle-free trip.

This saves time and money from hassle walks and drives during the day! To plan for a day trip from Kalam, be sure not to miss the Buyon Village!

Kandor and Spindhor Lakes

Kandol and Spindhor are the next destinations just 2 hours away from Kalam where you can stop by and enjoy the peaceful water of the lake. Spindhor Lake is accessible by a 2-hour trek from Kalam while a jeep drive takes you to Kandol Lake.

Both lakes represent some breathtaking views and consider the most beautiful places in Pakistan for curious tourists. Because these two lakes lie in a flat space, you can enjoy camping, trekking, hiking and sightseeing nature while in winter you can enjoy skiing, ice skating, ice hockey, snowboarding and speed skating.

Ushu Forest

Ushu Forest is one of the most mesmerizing places in Swat Valley where the forest is a heaven filled with deodar trees and lush green forests that leads to several villages and Kalam River. The valley makes one of the most stunning places to visit in Pakistan.

In this forest, you can get lost in the trees and makes a perfect place for photography, hiking, trekking, fishing and camping. You will enjoy the relaxation of the green forests and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Kalam River! To search for suitable places to visit in Pakistan, be sure not to miss these three main places in Swat Valley!

2. Skardu

Skardu is filled with beautiful mountains and mesmerizing lakes located near Kachhura Village in Gilgit Baltistan. Since the place is the capital city in Gilgit Baltistan, tourists are eager to visit this stunning natural beauty where the place lies on the horizon of the Indus River to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Skardu has known as the base camp of the world’s many highest glaciers peaks including K2. This reaches an elevation of 2286 meters that lies behind the Karakoram Mountains.

The beautiful Kachhura village, dunes in Katpana, and Shangrila Resort are the main attractions that leave the beauty and calmness of the wonderful city. Skardu has a historical site where you can visit the Kharpocho Fort that has been existed for 600 years old.

This site has unfolding stories about Skardu Fort. The turquoise water in Skardu presents a very different beauty and attraction for many tourists, which marks Pakistan beautiful places to visit.

For a great shopping spree, Skardu has an outdoor market, which is called Skardu Bazaar where the bazaar sells local gifts and souvenirs to send your family back home.

The best time to visit this district is from June to September as the weather around that time is pleasant and you can enjoy the peaceful green landscape without any hassle!

Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Chitral is one of the most beautiful and cosy places situated at 7,700m at the highest mountain in the Hindu Kush. Chitral has inhabited by warm and welcoming people with a friendly community.

The place has a beautiful polo ground at one end and a small airstrip on the other, which has a lively bazaar with stalls, and restaurants that are run by the Afghan refugees.

Once you enter this place, you will enjoy the peacefulness of the fertile valley called the Tirich Mir which is a land of crops where people work on land throughout the year.

The Shandoor Pass, Garam Chashma, Mastuj, and the Kalash Valleys are all accessible that are cut off from the rest of the country with high mountains. Within the two-hour drive from Chitral, you will reach Kalasha that holds a population of 5000 people where tourists and travel enthusiasts are delighted by the culture and traditions.

This makes it one of the most unique places to visit in Pakistan where you will enjoy the vast land of crops followed by the polo ground and the airstrip to enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of this scenery. Do visit Chitral to feel the charm and the glimpse of the ancient culture!

4. Fairy Meadows

Pakistan is blessed with beautiful valleys and mesmerizing meadows where the region has a grassland that will leave you in the surprise of this beautiful place. Those who want to see the beauty of Pakistan must visit the Fairy Meadows. Fairy Meadows locates in near the campsites of Nanga Parbat in Diamer District of Gilgit Baltistan.

Reaching, this place is very challenging and deadly as the journey begins with a jeep ride across the most dangerous roads in the world and trekking about 5 kilometres.

This takes approximately 3 hours to hike through the Fairy Meadows. You can even enjoy the spectacular view through camping and hiking that covers lush green trees and the snow-covered Nanga Parbat Mountain!

Fairy Meadows was named after the German climbers who were mesmerized by the grassland, which was locally known as Joot. They came up with the name Märchenwiese that means Fairy Tale Meadows in German.

Although reaching this place is deadly due to unstable and narrow roads, it takes 15 kilometres to reach from Raikot Bridge to the Village Tattu. This makes it one of the most worth visiting places to see in Gilgit Baltistan. To plan a challenging but wonderful place to visit, be sure you visit the Fairy Meadows!

5: Deosai Plains National Park

Deosai National Park considers as the roof of the world because of its height, which is approximately 4,117 meters. This height marks one of the most eager places to visit in Pakistan, which is only accessible during the summer season.

The park lies along the Karakoram-West Tibetan plateau, which stands at the second-highest place in the world and one of the most famous places in Pakistan.

Deosai National Park covers a fertile plain, which spreads millions of flowers to attract a vast group of butterflies, bees and birds all year round for a great spring season. The highest plateau distributes 3000 square kilometres that sit by the boundary of the Karakoram and Himalayan ranges.

Himalayan Brown Bear is a home in Deosai where it has golden marmots, snow leopards and soaring lammergeyers, which needs care and attention when camping on that spot! The beautiful Deosai Plains have emerald green meadows, many lakes, and snow-covered peaks adding up to the beauty of this place.

This makes one of the most remarkable biodiversity where it leaves nature and wildlife to visit this exotic landscape! To plan to visit a beautiful destination, be sure not to miss the Deosai National Park!

6. Khewra Salt Mine

Khewra Salt Mine is the second largest salt mine in the world and considers one of the oldest salt mines in the history of the sub-continent region. Khewra Salt Mine is one of the fun and educational experiences to visit this place.

The Salt Mine locates in Khewra, Jhelum District in the Punjab region and is famous for Himalayan Salt. This covers in various shades of pink, white and red to attract different salt colours.

Around 250,000 visitors visit the Khewra Salt mine each year. This considers the most recognized place in Pakistan where you get to know about the giant salt mine that holds 99% pure salt with crystalline texture.

The Salt Mine has beautiful saltwater pools, a salt cave and miniature salt structures to enjoy different displays made of salt. This important source of salt makes the most eager places to visit!

Kalasha Valleys, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Kalasha or Kalash Valleys locates between the Hindu Kush mountain range in Chitral. This place is home to the Kalash tribe famous for their uniqueness where they represent the religious and ethnic minority with their own beliefs, culture and language.

Kalasha Valleys consists of three valleys that are Bumburet, Birir and Rumbur. Rumbur valley lies Kalash River that surrounded by dusty roads and mountains to represent a different beauty.

Bumburet is the largest village of the three where it stretches Ayun village and holds the most population. Birir is a side place of Kunar Valley near Bumburet. These valleys make it different due to the traditional dresses are worn by Kalasha women.

They wear brightly coloured gowns with bright coloured jewelry and headwear that makes them different from other regions in the country.

They live in wooden homes that sit on the mountains and hold colourful festivals that will leave you in enjoyment and happiness. The people of Kalash follow the old Hindu traditions where they stick to their family ties strictly to build strong cohesion.

The valleys are the most popular places to visit in Pakistan. The annual Chilam Joshi feast is a must-visit where it happens every year in May. To plan for visiting the beautiful places in Pakistan, do visit the Kalasha Valleys!

Attabad Lake, Gilgit Baltistan

Attabad Lake leaves the beauty and astonishment, which became the must-see places to visit in Pakistan. Attabad Lake locates in the Gojal region of Hunza Valley in Gilgit Baltistan.

The lake was created in January 2010 after the tragic landslide, which blocked the flow of the Hunza River for five months. Then the lake awakens its beauty and dignity which leaves the bright turquoise waters surrounded by a group of medium mountains to enjoy the scenic view of the beauty in Gilgit Baltistan.

The bright blue waters make it a worth visit to enjoy and do various recreational activities. Once you enter this lake, you will not take your eyes off the turquoise waters and can do skiing, fishing, boating, swimming, hiking and many more! Attabad Lake has nearby hotels and guesthouses to enjoy your stay and wander around the lake for great relaxation.

You can even do photography to capture the best shots of the beautiful lake! To enjoy the relaxation and gleaming beauty, be sure not to miss the spectacular Attabad Lake!

9. Mohenjo-Daro

Pakistan has historical sites where you can visit Mohenjo Daro to know about the unfolding stories of this ancient site. The Mohenjo Daro considers one of the famous places in Pakistan for its historical background where it belongs to the oldest civilization in the world.

Mohenjo Daro locates in Larkana, Sindh where the archaeological site means ‘Mound of the Dead Men’ in Sindhi. The site considers the largest settlement in the Indus Valley Civilization where it dates back around 2500 BC. The place has abandoned due to flood and erosion and was not discovered until the 1920s.

In 1980, the UNESCO World Heritage Site preserved this place, which has left a significant excavation and the Indus Civilization has declined in 1900 BC. Mohenjo Daro has left with abandoned walls, houses, palaces and many more.

The place has a nearby museum where it leaves the displays of artefacts, potteries, jewellery and abandoned pieces to leave you in astonishment. This makes it one of the most unfolding places to visit in Pakistan. To head over to a historical site, you will enjoy visiting the Mohenjo Daro!

10. Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir

Neelum Valley considers the most iconic landscape in Pakistan where the valley locates in Azad Kashmir in the capital city of Muzaffarabad. Neelum Valley translates as Blue Gem Valley as the place has rivers and dense forests to add the beauty and tranquillity that makes it worth a visit.

During the summers, the valley becomes crowded, in which the best time to visit Neelum Valley is between September and October to enjoy the calming atmosphere.

The place comprises many beautiful forests, streams, rivers, and lush green mountains. For an enjoyable stay, there are cheap lodgings and family guesthouses nearby to sit back and relax the beautiful view of the Kashmir region.

The beauty of Pakistan has depicted in the beautiful valley where it marks Pakistan famous places to visit. This breathtaking view of the valley will not take your eyes off this lovely landscape that makes it one of the most standout places to visit in Pakistan! Neelum Valley is divided into two parts of the valley that are Sharda and Athmuqam, the main headquarter of the city.

The jeep ride takes the traveler to different parts of the valley for an easy and hassle-free reach. To plan a visit to a peaceful place, you will enjoy the breathtaking view of the Neelum Valley!

11. Attabad Lake

The Attabad Lake is the result of a landslide in 2010, turning into one of the beautiful places in Pakistan. The Landslide blocked the Hunza River and in this wake, this beautiful Lake is created. This Lake is famous for its blue-turquoise water and makes it the best tourist spot.

12. Lahore

Lahore is the capital of the Punjab province and one of the greatest cities in Pakistan to visit. Many exquisite gardens, forts, and mosques may be seen here, thanks to the Mughal Empire and the British Raj. The Badshahi Mosque, often known as the “emperor’s mosque,” is one of the most attractive destinations to visit in Lahore. The Mughal ruler created it in 1673 out of beautiful red sandstone.

Lahore Fort is located just adjacent to Badshahi Mosque. This is yet another stunning example of Mughal architecture from the 1580s. The Fort is located in Lahore’s walled city. Throughout history, it has been demolished and rebuilt several times.

Another royal structure located 7 kilometers from the Fort is the Shalamar Gardens. The gardens, which are a renowned example of Mughal Gardens, were influenced by Persian and Islamic traditions.

Lahore is undoubtedly Punjab’s greatest city, its cultural and academic center, a city of gardens, with majestic monuments, inspirational Mughal architecture, soulful melodies, finger-licking food, busy bazaars, and contemporary malls.


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