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Lahore is a city popular for its nightlife culture. You have heard the saying the city never sleeps. The amount of places one can find at night provides all the delicious food stalls and historical sites this city never sleeps. Lahore leaves the brightest illumination at night where you can head out and enjoy the brightness of the busy city in Punjab.

Whether you want to head over to a historical site or try out a new dish in a restaurant, Lahore will never bore you a bright outing at night! To head over to the excitement and illumination in the city of Punjab, you should head over to these beautiful places to visit in Lahore at night. These places are the best time to visit at night due to greater illumination and the happiness of the city that brings the brightness in Punjab.

Here is the list of Top 10 places to visit in Lahore at night:

Haveli Restaurant

Haveli Restaurant is set in Haveli Khalil Khan, a famous site of Lahore Architecture. Set in the historical lap, the Haveli has a wonderful view of the renowned Badshahi Mosque. Although Haveli’s views are unravelled, its cuisine is equally excellent and delicious.

Guests are welcomed like royalty. The restaurant offers wonderful barbeque, exquisite chicken and mutton meals, Tawa prepared, and the distinctive Lahori-style recipes of their chef. This makes one of the best places to visit Lahore at night where you can try various Pakistani cuisine to enjoy the view of Badshahi Masjid. Since this food place marks the delicious dishes in Lahore, you will enjoy the spectacular view at night!


Minar-e-Pakistan is the iconic landmark in Lahore that you can visit in the daytime and at night. When you visit this landmark at night, the tower illuminates with different colours to stand out the city in the darkest hours. This illumination occurs mostly on public Holidays such as Pakistan Day and Independence Day. The tower marks the most standout Lahore attractions where you can stop by, enjoy the top view, and take pictures for a memorable moment.

Many tourists and Lahoris visit Minar-e-Pakistan to enjoy the spectacular view and the brightest illumination of the tower. Since the tower locates in the middle of Greater Iqbal Park, many tourists and locals photograph this place to mark the beautiful place to visit at night. To enjoy a night out in Lahore, you will not take your eyes off Minar-e-Pakistan!

Freddy’s Cafe

Over the years, the cafe has won customers’ trust. Its elegance and sophistication offer a relaxing atmosphere where Freddy’s Café has shown recognition and a great ambience for a night out in MM Alam Road. The dining area gives a view of the greenhouse where it has a retro-style cafe with a wooden interior to give a well-lit ambience for a great dining experience. The classy atmosphere, a great meal, and kind staff are all about the place that makes you want to enjoy the dishes and the lovely greenhouse.

Freddy’s Café offers a variety of soups, salads, snacks and desserts and costs 1360 PKR per person. To plan a family or friends hang out at night, you will enjoy the wonder Hi-tea dishes offered at the restaurant! The restaurant offers outdoor dining and car dining to enjoy the night out in the city. The restaurant has already kept its elegance somewhat improving over time, that is why you will see the “New Addition” corner on its menu. It has spacious indoor sitting for huge festivities with family and friends. To head over to a café and enjoy teatime at night, you will enjoy nothing greater than Freddy’s Café!

Badshahi Masjid

Badshahi Masjid marks the spectacular places in Lahore to visit at night and is one of the second largest masjids in Pakistan. Although you can visit this masjid in the daytime. But at night, the atmosphere brings a different illumination and brightness in the dark. The masjid holds 100,000 worshippers, which at night; the masjid illuminates yellow and white lights to stand out the view at a further distance. To visit a historical place in Lahore, you will not take your eyes off at Badshahi Masjid!

The masjid has built entirely with carved red sandstones, marble to represent the Mughal architecture, and was constructed in 1673 by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. It marks the largest masjid in the Mughal era and considers the most iconic sight in Lahore. Badshahi masjid leaves history behind it; the Sikhs used the masjid as a military base and ruled Lahore from 1799 to 1849. When the Sikh empire fell, the British took over as a garrison. When Pakistan gained Independence, the masjid was restored for worship and prayer. To head over for a religious premise at night, you will enjoy visiting Badshahi Masjid!

Liberty Market

Liberty Market is one of the best shopping sprees in Lahore where you can head over to the bazaar and enjoy the roaming crowd at night. The bazaar shapes like the letter ‘U’ where the bazaar sells jewellery, clothes, footwear, cosmetics, beauty products, silk-wear, menswear, party dresses, bridal wear, kids wear and many more.

Since Locals love to visit Liberty, shopping at night will bring you the enjoyment of illumination and exploration of the bazaar. Liberty is one of the oldest bazaars in Lahore but not as old as Icchra and Anarkali. The market comprises countless shops that make you feel overwhelmed to know which place you want to check out. This marks the most popular shopping destination in the city due to ease of reach and offering countless choices. To plan a shopping spree at night, you will enjoy exploring and shopping at Liberty Market!

Lahore Food Street

Lahore Food Street is the brightest food stall in Lahore where the street offers different Lahori dishes across the line. The food street locates between Fort Road and Walled City where you can try out different Pakistani cuisines for a greater taste. The main attraction in Lahore and is the entire food street is available from early morning until late at night. These long hours makes Lahore Food Street never sleeps! The wide variety of Pakistani cuisines marks one of the most popular outing places in Lahore.

Once you enter Lahore Food Street, you will enjoy the illumination and brightness across the line of food! The street food in Gawalmandi and those near Fort are the most popular ones. To talk about the price, the prices of the food are much cheaper compared to other areas. When planning to go for a family or friends hangout, you should not miss Lahore Food Street! Be sure you try out different Pakistani cuisines! This makes it one of the best places to visit in Lahore at night!

Fortress Square Bowling Club

Fortress Square Bowling is one of the most popular bowling clubs in Lahore where youngsters come to enjoy bowling at night. With great family or friends, a night out considers a popular place for a great hangout in the evening. Fortress Square Bowling Club locates in Saddar Town in Fortress Stadium and offers a small café and a bowling club if you love bowling. Lahore offers various recreational activities Bowling becomes another fun game to enjoy at night in the city.

At the Fortress Square Bowling Club, you can spend your weekend nights bowling. This is one of the best outing places in Lahore. The atmosphere of the club leaves a great ambience where it has low lighting, loud music, and beautiful floors that make the whole place enjoy bowling. To plan and enjoy a bowling club in the city, you will enjoy the ambience and fun at Fortress Square Bowling Club! Be sure not to miss the bowling club!

Peeru’s Café

Peeru’s Café marks the most popular place where you can enjoy your weekend nights with Sufi songs and Qawalli! The café marks a complete package of traditional elements to enjoy the greatest weekends nights in the city. Peeru’s Café locates in Green Acres Main Road in Green Acres Housing Society and offers special dishes and scrumptious food where you will enjoy and melt the taste in your mouth!

The café decorates with intricate ornaments and brightly coloured spotlights to add a pleasant ambience to enjoy the Sufi music at night! Families and young adults visit the café to enjoy the delightful food with Qawalli instruments. The café offers starters, the main course, tea, kehwa and desserts to enjoy the music night at different times of the day.

When visiting Lahore at night, you must at least visit Peeru’s Café once in your life if you enjoy traditional, calm, and contemporary music at the same time. It has very much appreciated by music lovers as they organize Sufi nights from Thursdays to Sundays. To visit a delightful place with the love of Sufi songs and Qawalli, Peeru’s Café will never bore you! You will enjoy the calming music of Sufi and Qawalli performed by popular artists in Pakistan!

Wazir Khan Masjid

Wazir Khan Masjid is another historical place in the city that marks Lahore attractions in Punjab. The masjid locates in near the market at Delhi Gate and requires a five to ten minutes’ walk from the Delhi Gate. Wazir Khan Masjid locates in the Walled City of Lahore where the masjid considers the most decorated Mughal era architecture. You can visit this place in the daytime but when you visit at night, you will enjoy the brightest yellow illumination in the city of Punjab!

The masjid embellishes with coloured tiled mosaic known as Kashi-Kari and has constructed in 1641 by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The blue and green calligraphy makes it one of the most iconic places to check out at night. Although the masjid took only seven to build, it looks like it took ages to construct such a Mughal-era masjid that decorates with beautiful frescoes of the interior. To visit a historical site at night, you will not take your eyes off at Wazir Khan Masjid!


Galito’s is in the food court of Emporium Mall. The place is best for grilled chicken, tacos, platters, pasta, wraps, special meals and pizzas. The café makes a great hangout where you can enjoy the food at Emporium Mall and the bright illumination at night. Galito’s offer a variety of sauces along with their grilled food and courteous staff.

The prices of the dishes offered are reasonable ranging from 80 to 2000 PKR. They have a family environment so one can go along with their family, enjoy food with music, and while watching TV. To plan for a family hangout in a restaurant at night, you will enjoy a light fulfilling meal at Galito’s!

Wrap Up

Here are the top ten places to visit in Lahore at night where each place never dies in the darkest hours. Whether you visit a historical site or try out a tasty dish at a restaurant, Lahore never sleeps when it comes to evening or late-night hangouts at the brightest illumination! To plan a visit to any place in Lahore, be sure you head over to these mentioned places and be sure not to miss these attractions! These places will never disappoint your expectations at night!


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